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About Us

We are genuinely a family owned and operated business. Jim built a muscle car from a rusted frame and parts when he was still in high school. Michelle liked to drive that car too fast when they met in high school. Twenty years later, we're still a car family with Spokane Junk Car.

Both of our children chip in to help out when they're not in school. Our business is both our living and something we hope to pass on to our kids. In short, we work hard to do things right.

We respect our customers' time, and we keep our word. You don't need to worry about us coming to your house, and you can trust that Spokane Junk Car would never use the kinds of deceptive practices that are sadly common in the car business.

This doesn't mean that we don't understand that we have to make the highest cash offer if we are going to buy cars. We're also teaching our kids how to work hard, make a profit and all the while respecting our customers and the environment.

We know the car business. We have spent decades building the relationships necessary for us to potentially sell the cars we buy in Spokane, around the country. This allows Spokane Junk Car to consistently pay more than our local competitors, and keeps our business growing.

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