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Car Cash Spokane

Late night television has been promoting the virtues of "Car Cash" since long before Ron Popiel made the first informercial for his Pocket Fisherman in the 1970's. The number of businesses willing to pay cash for your car has only increased in the last 30 years. It's just moved online, and we recognize that we're one of them.

Spokane Junk Car is a family owned and operated company that pays cash for cars. However, because we're working on the third generation of the family to work in the secondary car business, we're frankly more experienced and ethical than virtually any Car Cash company you'll encounter.

Our experience has taught us that we do best when we are honest with customers. Spokane Junk Car is also able to buy the most cars when we figure out how to offer the most cash possible. We also get free marketing and return customers when we treat people right, show up on time, and tow cars away for free (without any hidden "costs").

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