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Junk Car Removal Spokane

Most junk car removal companies hope to make a small profit selling cars to scrap metal dealers after covering the towing costs. As fuel prices have risen, and scrap prices have declined, junk car removal companies have been able to offer less and less, and people need cash more and more.

We're a family owned and operated junk car removal company that has succeeded because we've been able to change with the times. When scrap metal prices peaked several years back, we offered the most cash possible for heavy older cars, provided free towing services, top dollar for junk cars, and recycled a great amount of steel.

After the recent economic downturn, the demand for serviceable used cars has risen, people are fixing up older cars, and the demand for used cars and parts has skyrocketed.

Spokane Junk Car is a junk car removal business has thrived because we have changed with the times and can offer the most cash possible for your old car. Whether your junk car is an unsalvageable heap, or needs repairs you can't afford, give Spokane Junk Car the chance to remove your junk car and we're confident that you'll be happy with the cash and timely service we will provide to you in the Spokane area.

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