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With metal prices crashing in the current economic environment, people are usually disappointed at the offers they get when they go to sell their junk cars for scrap.

Spokane Junk Car works with all areas of the used car marketplace in order to maximize the amount of cash we can offer for your car. While we may end up selling your car for scrap, we'll also try to break out valuable used parts, see if it's possible to fix up your car, and do whatever is possible to pay you the most cash possible in the Spokane and area.

We would encourage you to talk to a few salvage dealers before you sell your car for scrap. They generally spend $100 to tow the car, and can get less than $200 for the scrap steel on most mid-sized cars these days. This means that your car may produce $25 in cash for you, and $25 in profit for the scrap dealer.

If your car is truly junk (doesn't start and is damaged beyond repair), Spokane Junk Car will still work hard to offer you more than scrap metal companies can.

We try to offer more cash than you'll get selling your car for merely scrap. Our years of experience and commitment to offering the most cash possible means that Spokane Junk Car is well worth a phone call.

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