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If you're looking to sell your car, you have several options.

1) If you need to buy another car, you can go a local car dealer and see what they'll give you on trade in. Most people know, however, that the tired old promotion of “$1,000 for any car you can drive on the lot" just means that they'll get their money back when they sell and finance your new car.

2) You can also try to sell your car yourself. Whether putting a for sale sign on it and parking it in your driveway, taking out an ad in the local paper, or listing with an online car site, you'll then spend days, weeks, or months fielding calls, meeting with folks, and working to get the price you want.

3) You can sell your car to a junk yard or scrap dealer. This normally produces very little money, but get your junk car off your hands fast.

Spokane Junk Car is a family run company that tries the offer the best of both worlds, without any of the hassles involved with all of the above.

When a customer calls Spokane Junk Car looking to sell their car, we first ask a handful of questions to get an idea about the condition of the car (it takes less than five minutes). We then use our contacts to figure out how we can offer the most for the car they're looking to sell.

We call dealers, auctions, used parts guys, and steel recyclers. Spokane Junk Car will then make a cash offer. If you agree to sell us your car at that price, we'll tow it away for free, and show up with the cash.

No haggling, no hard work, and no hassles.

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