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If I want to "junk my car", there are a few options. First, if it's still drivable, I can venture out in a local industrial area for an old-school junk yard. There, I'll end up haggling over price with a junk car specialist whose goal is to pay me almost nothing for my car.

Second, I can enter Junk My Car car into a major web search engine, and end up with thousands of pages of car donation charities and the aforementioned junk yards. While the charities will offer a tax deduction, the crazy truth is that your junk car will produce about the same amount of money (though you'll have to wait for tax time if you donate), and your junk car is most likely going to end up at the same junk yard.

The vast majority of charities simply contract a local salvage yard or scrap metal dealer to take care of their operation.

Spokane Junk Car different because we'll pay you cash, tow it away for free, and we try to repair and resell what most people think is simply a junk car. After all, in these economic times, the demand for inexpensive used cars has risen dramatically.

If you've gone online and searched Junk My Car, Spokane Junk Car would like to offer an alternative. Most of our customers are looking for fast cash, can't afford to fix their old car, or are simply tired of sinking more money into an unreliable car.

Please give Spokane Junk Car a call. We're experts at identifying the cars that can be recycled "in the best way possible" being driven by somebody else. This also allows us to beat the cash offered by scrap dealers or the financial benefit from the token deduction charities can offer.

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