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Spokane Junk Car is a family run business and we buy junk cars. In fact we buy cars that are only good for junk, we buy cars that need serious repairs to to get back on the road, and we buy perfectly good cars whose owners need to make fast cash.

Most car buyers are either used car dealers looking to make sales by taking cars for trades-ins, or junk car buyers who sell cars for scrap. We buy junk cars, serviceable cars, and everything in between.

Spokane Junk Car is not tied to any way of making money when we buy a car. If your car is really and truly junk, chances are that we'll end up scrapping it, offering a small cash payment, and towing it away for free.

We'll also admit that we can't offer the bloated trade-in price used car dealers use because we all know that they make their money back by financing and selling you a newer car.

Instead, when Spokane Junk Car buys a car, we take a look at how we can offer the most cash possible.

Sometimes that means we break it down for spare parts, sometimes we fix up supposedly junk cars, and Spokane Junk Car is always honest with our customers about the value of the car they're looking to sell.

We buy cars, junk or not, and would appreciate the chance to talk to you about your car.

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